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Weatherstripping Buying Guide: Everything You Need To Know


Weatherstripping is one of the most important components of a home’s insulation and energy efficiency. Weatherstripping helps to seal up leaks, cracks, and gaps around window and door frames, making it harder for cold drafts to enter your home. Not only will this make your home more comfortable during winter months but also helps to save you money on your energy bills. In order to choose the right weatherstripping solution, there are many factors that need to be considered including size, material type, construction method and aesthetics. This comprehensive guide will explain all the necessary options when choosing weatherstripping for your windows or doors.


What is Weatherstripping?

Weatherstripping is any device or material used to form a barrier and seal gaps or cracks that let in cold air, hot air and moisture. It is made from flexible materials like foam, rubber, vinyl, plastic, felt or metal. This material can be placed around windows and door frames to create an extra layer of insulation and to prevent drafts or water leakage. Weatherstripping also helps to reduce the amount of noise entering your home from outside.


What are the Different Types of Weatherstripping?

There are several different types of weatherstripping available depending on the type of application needed. The most common types include: Foam Tape Strips, Compression Strips, V Strip Weatherstripping and Magnetic Strips. Each has their own advantages based on the particular situation they are being applied to.


Foam Tape Strips: Foam tape strips are the most common type of weatherstripping and can be used for both interior and exterior applications. They are made from an adhesive foam material which is easily cut and conformed to the desired shape or size. This type of weatherstripping provides great insulation and a good seal against drafts, moisture and dust.


Compression Strips: Compression strips are designed to fit into the gap between two door or window frames creating a tight seal when compressed. The strip is made from plastic or metal with an inner core of EPDM rubber which helps it compress when pressure is applied. It also provides excellent insulation against drafts as well as noise reduction.


V Strip Weatherstripping: V strip weatherstripping is great for door and window frames that have a wider gap between the two. This type of weatherstripping is made from an angled piece of flexible vinyl material which creates a seal when pressure is applied. It does not need to be cut or conformed, making it ideal in situations where more accuracy isn’t necessary.


Magnetic Strips: Magnetic strips are perfect for metal doors and windows as they create a strong seal without the need for adhesives or screws. The strips come with powerful magnets which attach themselves to the two sides that they are placed on, creating a tight seal against cold air and moisture. They can also be easily removed if necessary.


What are the Benefits of Weatherstripping?

Weatherstripping provides many benefits including improved insulation, energy efficiency and comfort in your home. It is also effective at reducing outside noise levels and can help to reduce air infiltration from outside which is beneficial for allergy sufferers. Additionally, weatherstripping will help save money on energy bills due to lower levels of energy being required to heat or cool your home.


How Do I Choose the Right Weatherstripping for My Home?

Choosing the right type of weatherstripping for your windows or doors depends on a few different factors such as size, material type, construction method and aesthetics. If you have metal windows or doors then magnetic strips offer an easy, efficient solution. However, foam tape strips and compression strips are also popular choices due to their versatility. It is important to measure the gap between your frames accurately before purchasing any kind of weatherstripping material in order to ensure a good fit and seal.


Weatherstripping is an effective way to improve insulation in your home while helping reduce drafts and moisture infiltration. There are several different types of weatherstripping available depending on the application needed so it is important to make sure you choose the right one for your particular situation. Measuring the gap between window or door frames accurately will help you get the best results from whichever type of weatherstripping you decide to use.

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