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Tube Rail Gates Buying Guide: Everything You Need To Know


Tube rail gates provide an effective way of controlling access to railway premises. Whether for safety, security or simply convenience, these rugged gates can be customised to fit your exact needs. With so many options available, it’s easy to get overwhelmed when selecting the perfect gate for your situation. In this guide, we’ll discuss the key features and considerations you should take into account when selecting a tube rail gate for your property.


What types of tube rail gates are available?

There are three main types of tube rail gates – sliding, swinging and vertical lift – each with its own unique set of benefits and drawbacks. Sliding tube rail gates are designed to slide open and closed, providing convenience and easy access. Swinging tube rail gates swing open in a hinged motion, which provides safety as well as security. Vertical lift gates can be raised and lowered manually or automatically, making them perfect for areas with limited space.


What are the benefits of installing a tube rail gate?

Tube rail gates provide both security and convenience when controlling access to your property. Installing an automated system allows you to monitor who enters and exits the premises more efficiently than ever before. Tube rail gates also offer excellent protection from theft and vandalism, helping to secure valuable assets located on your property. Additionally, they can help control vehicle traffic entering the premises; this is particularly beneficial if there are hazardous materials located nearby that need to be kept away from public access.


What are the different locking mechanisms available for tube rail gates?

The most common type of lock used on tube rail gates is the key-operated deadlock, which provides a high level of security and ensures that intruders cannot enter the premises without permission. Another popular option is an electromechanical lock, which allows you to control access using a remote or card reader system. These locks can also be programmed to open and close at specific times of the day, making them perfect for 24/7 operations.


How do I ensure my tube rail gate remains in good condition?

Regular inspections and maintenance should be carried out on all tube rail gates to ensure that they are in optimal working condition. This includes checking for any signs of wear and tear, such as rust, dents or cracks, as well as testing the locking mechanism to make sure it is functioning correctly. It’s also important to lubricate all moving parts on a regular basis to prevent them from becoming stiff and unresponsive.


What factors should I consider when selecting a tube rail gate?

When selecting a tube rail gate for your property, you should take into account several key factors including size, weight capacity, security features and installation requirements. You should also consider the type of environment it will be used in – underground networks often require more robust gates than aboveground ones – and the kind of access control systems you intend to use. Lastly, think about any additional features that might be useful, such as lighting or sensors.


What safety considerations should I make when installing a tube rail gate?

When installing a tube rail gate, it’s important to consider the potential risks and hazards posed by the system itself. For instance, automated gates can potentially cause injury if not properly monitored, so it’s important to ensure that all necessary safety precautions are taken during installation and operation of the gate. Additionally, careful consideration should be given to the placement of any CCTV cameras or warning signs near the gate in order to alert users of potential danger from moving parts or electric shock hazards.


How much does a tube rail gate cost?

The cost of a tube rail gate varies depending on the size, type and features included in the system. Generally speaking, automated systems can range from a few hundred pounds to several thousand pounds – with more complex systems such as those used for underground networks tending to be more expensive than those designed for aboveground use. It’s also important to factor in any additional costs associated with installation and maintenance when calculating the overall cost of the system.


While tube rail gates are an effective way of controlling access to your property, it’s important to make sure that you select one that is suitable for your needs and environment. Careful consideration should be given to factors such as size, weight capacity and security features, while safety should also be a priority. Ultimately, the cost of the system will depend on the complexity and features included, so it’s important to shop around for the best deal.

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