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Meters, Testers and Monitors Buying Guide For Hydroponics: Everything you need to know


Hydroponic gardening is becoming increasingly popular with its ability to be used indoors and grow herbs, flowers and even vegetables year round! This type of gardening also has a much lower environmental impact as it does not require soil or pesticides. It is important for those who want to start their own hydroponic garden to understand the proper equipment needed in order to be successful. Meters, testers and monitors are essential tools that are necessary for any hydroponic gardener. In this guide we will provide you with information on what types of meters, testers and monitors exist, what they measure, why they are important and how to choose the right one for your particular needs.


What Are Meters, Testers and Monitors?

Meters, testers and monitors are devices that measure specific parameters in hydroponic systems to ensure they are working correctly. These tools can measure pH levels, electrical conductivity (EC), temperature, dissolved oxygen (DO), light intensity and more. They allow the gardener to monitor their system for any changes which could potentially damage their crop. Some of these devices can even be automated so that if a parameter is out of a certain range an alarm will sound to alert the gardener.


Why Are Meters, Testers and Monitors Important?

Meters, testers and monitors play a critical role in ensuring that the environment in a hydroponic system is ideal for plant growth. It is important to regularly monitor the levels of pH, EC and temperature in the system so that plants are receiving the proper amount of nutrients and water. If any of these parameters are too high or too low, it can lead to stunted growth or even death of the plants. Additionally, monitoring light intensity helps ensure that plants get enough sunlight to photosynthesize properly.


How to Choose the Right Meter, Tester or Monitor?

When shopping for meters, testers and monitors, there are several factors to consider such as accuracy, ease-of-use and price. The most accurate devices usually come with a higher price tag but provide more reliable readings than cheaper models. Ease-of-use is also an important factor to consider as some devices can be difficult to set up or operate. Additionally, the type of device you choose should depend on what type of parameters you need to monitor in your hydroponic system. For example, if you are only concerned with monitoring pH levels, then a simple meter should suffice. However, if you are looking for comprehensive readings across multiple parameters then a more advanced instrument may be necessary.


Setting up and maintaining a successful hydroponic garden requires careful consideration of several factors including light intensity, temperature and nutrient availability. Meters, testers and monitors allow gardeners to easily measure these variables so they can make any necessary adjustments that will ensure plants grow healthy and strong. This guide has provided you with the essential information necessary to choose the right meter, tester or monitor for your specific needs.

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