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Fans and Ducting Buying Guide For Grow Room: Everything You Need To Know


Are you considering setting up a grow room environment for your indoor plants? Ducting and fans are important components of any home or commercial grow room. They help control temperatures, humidity levels, air circulation, and even odors – all critical to the success of an indoor garden. With so many types of fans and ducting available, it can be overwhelming to select the right ones for your needs. In this guide, we’ll provide detailed information about everything related to buying fans and ducting for your grow room.


What type of fan do I need in my grow room?

Selecting the right fan depends on the size of your grow space, how much air needs to be moved, and the fan’s ability to control humidity and temperatures. Larger grow spaces typically require centrifugal fans, which are better suited for larger projects. However, axial fans are suitable for small or medium-sized grow rooms due to their easy installation and low noise output. Additionally, you’ll need to consider whether the fan is energy efficient, quiet enough not to disrupt your plants’ rest cycles, as well as its airflow capacity.


How do I install a fan in my grow room?

Depending on the type of fan you select (axial or centrifugal), installation will take some time but is relatively straightforward. First, decide where the air should enter and exit from your grow room, and then mark where you plan to place the fan. Make sure to adhere to all safety regulations for electrical wiring when connecting it to a power source. Then, attach the ducting or pipe that will move air in and out of the space. Finally, use screws or bolts to secure both the fan housing and ductwork in place.


What type of ducting do I need for my grow room?

Ducting is essential for providing fresh air into your grow room while also pulling stale air out. The type of ducting needed depends on where you’re installing it as well as its size and shape requirements. Flexible aluminum foil-covered polyester (AC ducting) is a great option for small or medium-sized grow spaces since it comes pre-insulated and can be cut to length. However, for larger projects, rigid metal ducts may be necessary.


What are the benefits of using an inline fan?

An inline fan is a centrifugal fan that’s mounted within its own housing and connected directly between two lengths of flexible ducting. The most significant benefit of this type of fan is its ability to maximize airflow compared to other types. Inline fans also tend to be quieter than other models and require less maintenance due to their tightly sealed design. They’re often used in large-scale commercial operations where maximum air movement and minimal noise are paramount.


How do I select an air filter?

The type of air filter you need depends on the size and layout of your grow room as well as its airflow requirements. Carbon-based filters, for example, work great for small areas due to their low cost and ability to capture odors from the air entering and exiting the space. But if you plan to move large amounts of air through your system, then larger HEPA filters might be more suitable. Once you determine which type is best for your needs, you can focus on finding a model that offers enough filtration power for your space’s volume of air.


Setting up a grow room requires careful consideration and planning to ensure the best results. Choosing the right fan and ducting is an essential part of this process, as they’ll help you maintain optimal temperature, humidity levels, air circulation, and even odors. With so many types available, selecting the right option for your needs can be overwhelming. We hope this guide has provided a comprehensive overview to help you make better-informed decisions when it comes to buying fans and ducting for your grow room.

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