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2′ T5 Fluorescent Buying Guide For Plants: Everything You Need To Know


T5 fluorescent lighting is often the preferred choice for growing plants indoors. The higher output of a T5 fixture, compared to a traditional T8 or T12 light source, means more light energy is available for photosynthesis. Since many indoor plant species need supplemental light in order to thrive, selecting a quality T5 fluoro fixture can make all the difference between healthy growth and disappointing results.


This guide will explain everything you need to know about choosing and using T5 fluorescent lights to optimize your indoor garden. We’ll cover topics such as bulb types, reflectors, mounting options, and other aspects that should be considered when looking at T5 lighting solutions. With this knowledge in hand, you’ll be better prepared to select the right T5 fluorescent setup for your plants.


What is a T5 Fluorescent Light?

A T5 fluorescent light is a type of linear fluorescent lamp which uses a very thin diameter tube and an electronic ballast to produce higher lumen output than traditional bulb types such as the T8 or TThe ‘T’ in the name stands for tubular, which refers to the shape of the bulb and its construction process. The number indicates how many eighths of an inch thick (1/8th) the glass tubing used to construct the bulb is; so in this case, 5/8th of an inch (or 0.625 inches). This thin diameter allows more light energy to be produced from a shorter length of tube, which is why T5 fluorescent lights are more efficient than regular tubing.


What are the Benefits of Using a T5 Fluorescent Bulb?

The main advantages of using a T5 bulb for your indoor garden include:

  • Higher light output and improved plant growth – Compared to traditional bulbs such as T8 or T12, the thinner diameter allows more light energy to be produced in less space, meaning you can get more light with fewer fixtures. This also makes them ideal for tight spaces where larger fixtures wouldn’t fit.
  • Lower operating temperature – A single fixture can provide up to twice the lumen output of an equivalent wattage T8 or T12 without generating excess heat, making them a great choice for energy-efficient lighting.
  • More efficient electricity usage – With their higher lumens per watt, T5 fluorescent bulbs are much more efficient than traditional types when it comes to electricity usage.
  • Improved color rendering index (CRI) – The CRI of a bulb indicates how accurately the light renders colors and is measured on a scale of 0 to 100; T5 fluorescent lights typically have CRIs ranging from 80-90. This makes them ideal for viewing artwork or photography in an indoor setting.


What Types of T5 Fluorescent Bulbs are Available?

When selecting your T5 fluorescent bulbs, you’ll need to consider both the type and wattage of the bulb.

  • Types – There are two main types of T5 fluorescent bulbs; ‘warm white’ (3000K to 3500K) and ‘cool white’ (4000K to 4500K). The higher the Kelvin rating, the cooler or bluer the light will appear. For most indoor plants, a warm white bulb is usually recommended as it provides a more natural look.
  • Wattage – Fluorescent bulbs range in wattage from 24W to 54W per tube, with higher wattages providing more light output than lower ones. A good rule of thumb is that each fixture should provide at least 8-9 watts per square foot of grow space for optimal results.


What Kind of Reflectors Should be Used with T5 Fluorescent Bulbs?

Light reflectors are used to increase the amount of light that reaches your plants and maximize the efficiency of your lighting setup. The type of reflector you choose will depend largely on the size of your grow area. For example, a larger space may require a ‘baffle’-style reflector which features an open top in order to spread light further out. Smaller spaces can benefit from using a more focused ‘reflector’-style which has curved sides and concentrates light downward onto specific areas.


What are Some Tips for Mounting T5 Fluorescent Lights?

When installing your T5 fluorescent lights there are several things to keep in mind:

  • Hang the fixtures at least 6” above your plants – This allows room for air circulation and will help prevent heat damage.
  • When using multiple lights, stagger them – Staggering the lights helps create a more even coverage of light which can result in better plant growth.
  • Use adjustable light hangers – Investing in adjustable light hangers will allow you to easily adjust the height of your fixtures when needed.
  • Consider adding extra shielding – To help reduce hot spots, consider adding some reflective material such as aluminum foil around your fixtures. This will help reflect more light onto your plants and also protect them from any direct contact with the bulb itself.


T5 fluorescent bulbs are quickly becoming one of the most popular lighting options for indoor gardens due to their high efficiency, improved light output, and lower operating temperatures. With a variety of wattages and types available, they’re an excellent choice for any grower looking to maximize their yield while also keeping electricity costs down. When installing your T5 fluorescent lights be sure to hang them at least 6” above your plants and use adjustable hangers in order to easily adjust the height whenever needed. Additionally, adding extra shielding such as aluminum foil around your fixtures can help reduce hot spots and ensure that more of the light is reaching your plants. All these tips combined will ensure that you get the best results possible from your T5 bulbs.

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